A common cotton mattress will never have a reaction to a body for longer periods. This mattress soon attains sagging and many point in the body do not receive the reaction it needs. Sleepezee mattresses have been designed after a lot of R & D and every part of the body receives the right dip. Sleepezee mattresses give the body a correct posture thus enhancing the quality of sleep, and hence life.

The mattress material constitutes of Biodegradable coconut fibres consisting of millions of tiny springs bonded with rubber latex - a totally natural material.
A foam overlay offers comfort and cushioning while the elegant look is given by machine quilted, luxurious tapestry. Furthermore it also has bug and insect repellent treatment, is non allergic because of it PH Value High latex and uniformity ensures uniformity for years. The materials used in the mattresses suit the requirements of all seasons.

Sleepezee is recommended by orthopedic for total spinal support. It provides the right blend of firmness and cushion-effect to maintain the "S" curve of the spine enhancing correct sleeping posture and preventing backaches.

Manufactured under global quality assurance norms, Sleepezee has an ISI Marked Products. The brand Sleepezee is promoted by Kontak comforts Pvt. Ltd. which is an ISO 9001-2008 Company. Springeasy Mattress A product from the Sleepezee range is Patented, and also certified by OEKO-TEX for textile confidence, for 'Rubberised Coir Mattresses Block'. which is a clear pointer towards the quality and innovation that Sleepezee strives for.

Sleepezee has an all-encompassing range of Mattresses which starts from Rs.1600 and ends at Rs. 12,000. the range includes Rubberized Coir Mattresses, Spring-embedded Rubberised Coir Mattresses and Spring Mattresses.

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