Meditation Cushion for Yoga, Meditation & Vipashyana

Sale priceRs. 999.00


This Meditation cushion is specially designed to keep the spine erect & maintain correct body posture during meditation.

This cushion can be used as a multipurpose cushion. Can be used as a Floor cushion, Meditation cushion.

Perfect solution for employees working from Home. And students who love to study on the floor.

  • Durable for indoor and outdoor use
  • lightweight and easy to carry and store
  • Up down Position and 2-inch gap between 2 cushions help in delaying sleeping leg
  • suitable choice for decorating indoor-outdoor spaces, balcony living room garden office playrooms, etc.
  • Made in India
  • It comes with a bag so you can carry it with you at your Meditation or Vipassana retreat.
  • Material - Memory Foam

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