Napttress Value Plus Series

Size: 72”X36”X6” - Single Bed
Sale priceRs. 15,999.00


Napttress comes in a single variant which is highly engineered with blend of Three high- quality Foams . i.e. PU foam, Latex foam and Memory Foam.

At the bottom, PU foam is used as padded fillers that provide thermal insulation. As a result, you don’t sink into the bed.

Middle layer is of Memory Foam. It gives comfort as it has many benefits like Good pressure relief, Superior motion absorption, Body hugging comfort, Sag free and no sinkage.

To make a mattress more breathable, durable, Hypoallergenic and Pain relieving, Latex foam is used at Upper layer.

It delivers with compressed and compatible box which is easy to carry and store.

6" thickness Napttress mattress has 6 variations

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