Foam Based Sitting Cushion

Sale priceRs. 699.00


Foam Based Seat Cushion (18x13 Inch) is specially designed for people working for long hours sitting on chairs, Driving for long hours, and Meditation for long hours. It is made up of premium quality material that gives perfect comfort. As the material is not very hard and not very soft. Hence, gives smoothing feel.

There are many benefits of this product,

  • Seat cushion supports your back by keeping your posture erect.
  • Pelvis is positioned correctly.
  • Weight is well balanced between the knee and Posterior joints.
  • Helps in sitting for a longer period.  
  • 18X13Inch thick seat cushion pad will reduce pressure on your body and provide additional comfort for sitting 
  • chair seat pads won't move unexpectedly.  Please measure your chair before purchasing!

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