Soft Microfiber Bed Sleeping Pillow

quantity: 1
Sale priceRs. 199.00


  • A soft microfiber pillow is available in standard size with White color
  • This soft microfiber pillow doesn't get out of shape at least for a year as using high quality. fabric with medium firmness. This will improve sleeping discomfort
  • These fluffy pillows are Available in a set of two. Also, it comes without a pillow cover, Due to the white cover of pillows, it is recommended to use pillow covers
  • Bed pillow are available in 40 cm x 60 cm or 16 inch x 24 inch dimensions. It is suitable for a single person. For people with neck and back pain and experiencing sleep discomfort
  • This soft pillow doesn't get out of shape at least for a year. It is especially considered best for those who have serious medical issues or facing discomfort while sleeping
  • Outer cloth design may change

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